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Mastering Apple iPad: IOS 12 , Hörbuch, Digital...
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Apple has unveiled the newest iOS version, iOS 12. The version will be available for both iPads and iPhones for free beginning in late 2018. Below are some of the greatest features that you will experience with the new version. Apple confirmed that it is going to double down on performance to increase the speed and responsiveness in iPads and iPhones. So you’ve already set your iPad, but you don´t know what step to take next? New iPad users usually do not know how to find and install good apps, organize them, or delete them. Even if you know the basics, you might need a few tricks to get the most out of your iPad. A lot of navigation is done through touch gestures like touching an app to launch it or swiping your finger. This audiobook includes:Introduction Ch.1 – A new user’s guide to the iPadCh. 2 - How to upgrade to iOS 11Ch. 3 - How to customize your iPadCh. 4 - iPad iCloud: How to backup and restoreCh. 5 - How to use Siri on the iPadCh. 6 - How to use the virtual trackpad on the iPadCh. 7 - How to use FaceTime on the iPadCh. 8 - The iPad accessory guideCh. 9 - How to control your PC from your iPadCh.10 - Find your location history in Google Maps or iPhoneCh. 11 - Childproof your iPadCh. 12 - Set up iMessage on the iPadCh. 13 - How to restore an iPad to factory default using iTunesCh. 14 - What to do if your iPad won’t charge or charges slowlyCh. 15 - How to reboot your iPadCh. 16 - How to fix a poor Wifi signal on your iPadCh. 17 - How to save your wet iPadCh. 18 - iPad recovery modeCh. 19 - iCloud photo library on your iPad Ch. 20 - A guide to iPad home sharingCh. 21 - iPad settingsCh. 22 - How to sync an iPad with iTunesConclusion 1. Language: English. Narrator: Luke A. Penner. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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