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Arduino Workshop
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The Arduino is a cheap, flexible, open source microcontroller platform designed to make it easy for hobbyists to use electronics in homemade projects. With an almost unlimited range of input and output add-ons, sensors, indicators, displays, motors, and more, the Arduino offers you countless ways to create devices that interact with the world around you. In Arduino Workshop, you´ll learn how these add-ons work and how to integrate them into your own projects. You´ll start off with an overview of the Arduino system but quickly move on to coverage of various electronic components and concepts. Hands-on projects throughout the book reinforce what you´ve learned and show you how to apply that knowledge. As your understanding grows, the projects increase in complexity and sophistication. Among the book´s 65 projects are useful devices like: - A digital thermometer that charts temperature changes on an LCD -A GPS logger that records data from your travels, which can be displayed on Google Maps - A handy tester that lets you check the voltage of any single-cell battery - A keypad-controlled lock that requires a secret code to open You´ll also learn to build Arduino toys and games like: - An electronic version of the classic six-sided die - A binary quiz game that challenges your number conversion skills - A motorized remote control tank with collision detection to keep it from crashing Arduino Workshop will teach you the tricks and design principles of a master craftsman. Whatever your skill level, you´ll have fun as you learn to harness the power of the Arduino for your own DIY projects. Uses the Arduino Uno board

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