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Creating Google Chrome Extensions als Buch von ...
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Creating Google Chrome Extensions:Learn how to create great extensions for Google´s popular Chrome browser The Expert´s Voice in Web Development. 1st ed Prateek Mehta

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Your Internet Business: Everything about an exp...
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German Internet Marketer tells all: High quality insight knowledge, 3 million tutorial views, over 1 million contacts in 3 years, earn over 1000 € per hour. From now on - everything is possible for you! There are a lot of tips and strategies out there, which promise to help you to achieve success on the internet. On the one hand, people always tell you that it´s important to become an expert in a niche. But on the other hand, it´s also often repeated that 90% of those people are not successfull on the internet. Maybe there is a direct link between the two. The following themes will be handled: Introduction, Decide what you want to achieve, Your website interests nobody at all, How do you use Google?, What types of websites are on google number 1?, What did I do?, The next opportunity involves the use of social media, 1.000-Euro hour - the hour that can earn you 1.000 Euros, You are paid for views, Use Newsletter, Amazon, Ebay, Use Xing/LinkedIN and control all, Be present, Obtain QR codes for free, Link together all of your accounts, Use hypnotic speech patterns, Outsourcing because I do almost nothing else, Make all of the activities in your business run on autopilot, Regular customers can be worth thousands of euros, Google Alert is a very old functionality, Keep an eye on your competition, Customer feedback creates credibility, Test your prices, How can you find out how much people are willing to pay?, Pareto principle, Be sure to set goals, Pay attention to colors and pictures, Please note: The audio quality is not up to the current standards. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Henning Glaser. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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