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Growth Hacking: Innovative Marketing Tactics to...
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Do you have a website that is struggling to gain traction? Do you have no idea how to monetize your business or get more subscribers? This audiobook could be the answer you´re looking for... The emergence of Online and mobile technologies have revolutionized the way businesses are conducted. The enterprises that have leveraged these technologies have made tremendous exponential growth. Google, Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, Twitter, and Amazon are just but a few examples of enterprises that leveraged these technologies to reap big rewards. This audiobook is about sharing innovative marketing tactics to grow faster and smarter. The audiobook does not assume your level of knowledge and understanding of what growth hacking is all about. Thus, it starts with a beginner’s approach by introducing you to what growth hacking is all about and builds upon this foundation to guide you into a more detailed perspectives. Knowledge without application is redundant. This audiobook gives you practical hands-on techniques on how you should apply growth hacking to achieve great success. These techniques touch on all stages of your brand’s funnel right from customer acquisition, customer activation, customer retention, revenue generation, and referral. It also provides you with growth hacking strategies that you can employ using these techniques to grow faster and smarter. Like any business enterprise, having the right people to run it is paramount. Growth hacking is not an exception. Yet, building a team for growth hacking requires a uniquely different approach than what we are accustomed to. This audiobook not only presents you with different proven models of growth team but also helps you to identify the right hackers for your team. In this regard, it provides you with tips and qualities to look for in a hacker and the key competencies required. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tom Prodehl. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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IoT Solutions in Microsoft´s Azure IoT Suite
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Collect and analyze sensor and usage data from Internet of Things applications with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. Internet connectivity to everyday devices such as light bulbs, thermostats, and even voice-command devices such as Google Home and´s Alexa is exploding. These connected devices and their respective applications generate large amounts of data that can be mined to enhance user-friendliness and make predictions about what a user might be likely to do next. Microsoft´s Azure IoT Suite is a cloud-based platform that is ideal for collecting data from connected devices. You´ll learn in this book about data acquisition and analysis, including real-time analysis. Real-world examples are provided to teach you to detect anomalous patterns in your data that might lead to business advantage. We live in a time when the amount of data being generated and stored is growing at an exponential rate. Understanding and getting real-time insight into these data is critical to business. IoT Solutions in Microsoft´s Azure IoT Suite walks you through a complete, end-to-end journey of how to collect and store data from Internet-connected devices. You´ll learn to analyze the data and to apply your results to solving real-world problems. Your customers will benefit from the increasingly capable and reliable applications that you´ll be able to deploy to them. You and your business will benefit from the gains in insight and knowledge that can be applied to delight your customers and increase the value from their business. What You´ll Learn Go through data generation, collection, and storage from sensors and devices, both relational and non-relational Understand, from end to end, Microsoft´s analytic services and where they fit into the analytical ecosystem Look at the Internet of your things and find ways to discover and draw on the insights your data can provide Understand Microsoft´s IoT technologies and services, and stitch them together for business insight and advantage Who This Book Is For Developers and architects who plan on delivering IoT solutions, data scientists who want to understand how to get better insights into their data, and anyone needing or wanting to do real-time analysis of data from the Internet of Things

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