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Google Apps Script als Buch von James Ferreira
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Google Apps Script:Web Application Development Essentials. 2. Auflage James Ferreira

Stand: 13.10.2019
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Google Apps Script als eBook Download von James...
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Google Apps Script:Web Application Development Essentials James Ferreira

Stand: 02.10.2019
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Pichai: The Future of Google , Hörbuch, Digital...
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An incisive look into the world´s most innovative tech company and the man chosen to lead it On 10 August 2015, an unassuming product expert who learnt his ropes at IIT Kharagpur was declared the next CEO of tech giant Google. Sundar Pichai´s appointment was hardly an unexpected one. Pichai is a man known as much for his veritable Midas touch with every product he has developed or led for Google - Chrome, Chrome OS and Android, to name just a few - as for his superlative people skills and open-minded approach to innovation. Yet, the company´s decision to restructure its product lines and appoint Pichai as the head of a leaner, more focused Google, has raised inevitable questions: What does Pichai´s role augur for the future of the tech giant? Will Google consolidate its position for existing products or will they focus on creating new ones? And will Pichai transform the organization that Schmidt, Page and Brin created and led, or confirm the belief of a minority of naysayers that he is not yet ready for this daunting role? Pichai: The Future of Google provides answers to these questions while throwing light on Sundar Pichai´s childhood and education; his entry into the tech world and quick rise up the ranks in Google; and his key contributions as a leader and tech-guru to Google´s most successful properties. Timely and insightful, this book offers a rare glimpse into the fascinating ecosystem of a path-breaking company and shows us what it takes to be a dynamic leader in the 21st century. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Reuel Ferreira. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 26.08.2019
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