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The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
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The New York Times bestselling, IACP award-winning cookbook (and a Cooking Light Top 100 Cookbook of the Last 25 Years) from the celebrated food blogger and founder of Deb Perelman loves to cook. She isn´t a chef or a restaurant owner-she´s never even waitressed. Cooking in her tiny Manhattan kitchen was, at least at first, for special occasions-and, too often, an unnecessarily daunting venture. Deb found herself overwhelmed by the number of recipes available to her. Have you ever searched for the perfect birthday cake on Google? You´ll get more than three million results. Where do you start? What if you pick a recipe that´s downright bad? With the same warmth, candor, and can-do spirit her award-winning blog, Smitten Kitchen, is known for, here Deb presents more than 100 recipes-almost entirely new, plus a few favorites from the site-that guarantee delicious results every time. Gorgeously illustrated with hundreds of her beautiful color photographs, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is all about approachable, uncompromised home cooking. Here you´ll find better uses for your favorite vegetables: asparagus blanketing a pizza; ratatouille dressing up a sandwich; cauliflower masquerading as pesto. These are recipes you´ll bookmark and use so often they become your own, recipes you´ll slip to a friend who wants to impress her new in-laws, and recipes with simple ingredients that yield amazing results in a minimum amount of time. Deb tells you her favorite summer cocktail; how to lose your fear of cooking for a crowd; and the essential items you need for your own kitchen. From salads and slaws that make perfect side dishes (or a full meal) to savory tarts and galettes; from Mushroom Bourguignon to Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake, Deb knows just the thing for a Tuesday night, or your most special occasion.

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