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Welcome to Forbes for October 20th, 2014 from Audible. This edition contains seven feature articles. In the cover story, ´´Inside Pinterest: The Coming Ad Colossus that Could Dwarf Twitter and Facebook´´ – Facebook monetizes the past, Twitter the present. Pinterest, by organizing your wishes and dreams, can identify what you might do or buy in the future. That´s a model worth $5 billion for the social network with almighty Google in its sights.Also, ´´Shale Gas and Buffett´s Billions Fuel Turnaround at Dow Chemical´´ – Back when few people suspected North America was sitting on a lifetime supply of cheap oil and gas, Dow shares plunged 80% to $6 a share. Then came the shale boom and Warren Buffet; Dow shares have risen eightfold from their 2009 lows.Next, ´´Houzz´s Founders Have Become Tech´s Newest Power Couple´´ – Just five years after starting Houzz at their kitchen table, Israeli immigrants Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen have produced one of the top 200 Web properties in the U-S. Venture investors, betting that Houzz will capture big chunks of the $300 billion U-S design and decor market, now value the company at more than $2 billion.Then, ´´How Proto Labs Is Building the Factory of the Future´´ Ambition has a distinctive sound – and you can hear it if you step inside the newly renovated plant outside Plymouth, Minn. Proto Labs’ machines are running 24 hours a day, sculpting small bricks from dozens of different types of plastics and metals into parts that will serve as prototypes for the likes of Xerox, Northrop Grumman, and Ford.We´ll also tell you about, ´´Biotech´s Builder: How the Pharma´s Landlord Could Benefit from the Drug Boom´´ – As the tech industry falls back in love with urban America, Joel Marcus, landlord to the booming biotechnology business, is perfectly positioned to strike it rich.Followed by, ´´The Oil Patch Prince: A Great Tale of West Texas´´ – Six years ago Bryan Sheffield had no en 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ken Borgers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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